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Florida Conference of Seventh Day Adventists

Reopening Delayed

As we announced last month, it was the intention of the Administrative Committee for our Conference office to fully re-open to the public by August 9. However, the present rise of coronavirus cases in the Central Florida area causes us to pause and reconsider our safety measures, plans, and initiatives. With these concerns in mind, we will delay the August 9 opening of the office to the general public until a future date, yet to be determined. Conference staff will continue to work diligently, both from the office and from home, and are available for in-person appointments as needed.

Our journey through the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be challenging, frustrating, and in some cases extremely saddening with the losses of family and friends. Current statistics from AdventHealth reveal a sharp increase in infections in Central Florida, primarily among people who have neglected or declined to be vaccinated.

The following comes from a local AH Administrator: “Between 95-97% of these patients are unvaccinated. They are extremely young and many of them are not recovering. Also, many religious patients are making misinformed decisions regarding the vaccine and we want to help in the most compassionate, meaningful, and productive way their decision-making process.”

If you haven’t already, please consider some form of COVID-19 vaccination for your own personal sake, and view the General Conference statement on immunizations here: and from the North American Division here:

Please, join us in prayer for our church and communities all across the world as we move forward in light of the new coronavirus variants and much uncertainty. We will keep you informed regarding any updates via our website and social media.